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screen printing

let me bring your designs to life.

I’ve loved creating with my hands for as long as I can remember. And although I do enjoy the creativity that goes into coming up with the designs, that part is a bit more daunting to me. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your designs printed in crisp, clean ink. If printing isn’t your thing, fear not – it’s totally mine. I’d love to discuss your printing needs!
Here is my basic pricing setup for one-color prints. Multi-color prints are also available. Please contact me to discuss your printing needs and to receive a custom quote!
Print only (you ship your blanks to me):
15-49 = $3.75/shirt
50+ = $3.00/shirt
Blank + Print:
20-49 = Cost of blank + $4.25
50+ = Cost of blank + $3.50
Ex: Blank tee costs $2.50, total cost including print is $6.75/$6.00
At 50 cents more than the cost of print only, you’d be paying $20 more total for me to purchase 40 blank shirts than if you purchased them on your own and then shipped to me. You’d likely be saving that or more in shipping to get them to me.
– No screen costs for one color prints.
– Customer responsible for paying shipping once tees are printed.
– While I do my best to print carefully, misprints do happen. I do not charge for a misprinted shirt, but please consider this when deciding on quantity.


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